Roof Care and Moss Treatment

roof caremoss treatment and roof careroof care and mosstreatmentroof care and cleaningRoof cleaning is probably one of the home improvements that are furthest from a homeowner’s mind.  By neglecting to take care of your roof, this may cause your roof to need replacing sooner than later.  Also,it keeps your roof looking and functioning much better. So, in order to avoid your roof becoming damaged in one way or another, consider roof care and moss treatment to keep your roof as clean as possible.

Living here in the Pacific Northwest we all know how wet it is. Over time chronic moisture can cause moss and algae to grow on porous surfaces, such as your roof. The moss accumulates on your roof can begin to eat away at your shingles making its way to your roof deck resulting in rotted wood thereby causing moisture to enter and creating a perfect environment for the growth of mold. By cleaning your roof regularly, you avoid costly repairs, such as having the entire roof deck and roof repaired or re-installed.

Keeping up with your roof care is especially important in the summer months. Algae spread's across your roof, the shingle granules (used to reflect sunlight) are unable to properly do their job. Instead of reflecting the heat, the shingles will begin to absorb the heat from the sun’s rays. This means that you’ll spend more money each month on your utility bill, as your home air conditioner will go into overtime trying to keep the home cool. Roof cleaning can remove the staining and organisms so that your roof can go back to reflecting the sunlight efficiently. All About Window Cleaning and Service offers a discount if you book our services more than once a year. Why not get your Christmas lights installed or removed when we clean your roof as well? We are happy to help! Call for details!

We also offer pressure washing for Kirkland homes, Woodinville homes, and Bothell homes, plus we go as far as Everett with our services.

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